Vuejs - lỗi dễ gặp khi sử dụng v-model và nested object

v-model chỉ tự động tạo reactive properties cho các properties thuộc **1 level deep** của model

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Adding a custom drop-down toolbar to react-quill

Surprisingly it is not very intuitive to add a custom drop-down toolbar to quilljs. Anyway, this is one way of doing

Four question marks you should know in C#

There are 4 question marks ? used in C# syntax which I think is pretty confusing sometimes. Here I will attempt to explain them to you.

Some common gotchas when setting up React Native development environment for Android

The Getting Started guide for React Native is simple and easy to follow. However, I met 2 problems that after some googling I found out that it also happens to a lot of people. So here goes my attempt to save the humanity. Please note that I use a Windows machine.

Enable gzip in ASP.NET Web API

Enabling gzip to reduce the response size is a good technique to speed up your ASP.NET Web API application. This works wonder if your API has to produce some heavy json result.

Long Overdue Post

It’s been more than 4 months since my last blog post, way too long than I would like it to be. In my defense, I relocated back to Hanoi after around 7 years staying in Singapore (time does fly!), which is a big deal for me. I was busy spending my time adjusting my lifestyle, connecting back with old friends, etc.

My Recommended Reading List in 2015

It’s a shame to admit that I have not always been a fan of books since recently. Anywho, I am now. In this post, I’m going to list down all the books I have chanced upon in 2015 that I think are interesting and worth a read. I put them into 3 categories: books related to programming (in which I have to read as part of my profession), fiction and non-fiction.

Replacing text in Visual Studio 2015 using Regular Expression

Skip to How if you just want to know the instruction.

Lập Trình Viên Và Stress

Hôm nay là điển hình cho một ngày tệ đúng nghĩa, đụng đâu hỏng đấy. Cảm giác bận rộn thật nhưng thực ra lại là bận rộn một cách vô nghĩa, tức là đến cuối ngày điểm lại vẫn không thấy đã làm được việc gì ra hồn, mà cảm giác lúc nào cũng bận ?!